Mission Statement

To facilitate knowledge and conversation in and around the study of yoga.

Guiding Concepts


Information on yoga comes from personal experience as much as it does from history, research, and science.

The physical practice of asana can be optimal if the teacher has a greater understanding of the mechanics of the body and knows how to best express that to the student. We feel it is beneficial to promote patience for the study of yoga because it is a life long engagement.

We are teaching people yoga in a specific way using knowledge, accuracy, empathy, connection, and effective pedagogy.


Communicating with each about yoga and life.

We are communicating to people in an informed way so that their process is clear to them and can be used in life. We value personal conversation and sincerity and the connections we forge as we show up to a practice.


Leading people by example. This example comes from years of experience in the field of teaching yoga. We are avid in our studentship as we maintain a steady and consistent yoga study and practice.

Core values


A place for students to learn more about yoga than found in the general studio setting. A certified continuing education, 200 Hour & 300 Hour school by the Yoga Alliance.

A safe space for students to question what they hear, think, and have previously learned.

Exchange and Growth

Student/Teacher relationships are based on an exchange of knowledge, trust, ability, reasoning, and curiosity.

We teach from a place of honesty and generosity while encouraging students to form their own opinions so that they can develop a sensible practice.


Yoga practice and study is methodical, pragmatic, interesting, and accurate. We are considerate of the many teachers, influencers, researchers, explorers, and beings that already given to this pool of knowledge within their high regards.

Consistency and Inclusivity

A process that requires commitment and one that is fun. We hope to see you often and hope you bring your friends. All walks of life are welcomed.


Owner, Juliet Loranger — 500 E-RYT, 200 & 300 Hour Lead Teacher Trainer

Intrigued by the human body. Inspired by time, art, coffee, romance, and rock-n-roll. Finds the fluency of breath and the honesty of life to be key aspects for a daily practice.


Teacher, Jon Leaver 200 -ERYT, AYIT, LMT, Board Certified Hypnotist

Approaches yoga from a “whole person” way of teaching with an emphasis on the mind and spirit. Enjoys eating (mostly) plants, reading, and smiling. Appreciates directness in life and makes eye contact when speaking.


Teacher, Nicole Stewart 200 RYT, Graduate of School of Yoga New Bedford

Positive individual excited to learn and grow as a teacher. Interested in breaking down the basics of yoga and making progress accessible. Enjoys time spent looking at the bright side, being outdoors, a cozy coffee shop, and good friends.


Teacher, Ryan Cunningham 500 E-RYT, 200 & 300 Hour Lead Teacher Trainer

Complete yoga nerd. Over-caffeinated meditator. Inspired by music, Buddhism, queerness, and long awkward silences.