200 hour


Work and Humor

Yoga Teacher Training + Yoga Studies

Welcome to an adventurous yet pragmatic course in training to become a teacher of yoga.

Our trainers have developed a training that is strong and valuable, even if you are not planning to go out there and teach.

The basis of this training is studentship. Being a student of yoga can mean many things. You are already in a process of learning the ways and means of your mind, body, and soul. In affirming this connection to learning, within the broad world of yoga, you will develop the skills to teach others. And the possibilities of teaching yoga are delightfully endless.

That being said, this training provides a solid and reasonable structure where you can learn to progress with clarity, evolve with gained understanding, and develop a stronger yoga practice. Upon completion you will be able to confidently and creatively teach a practical yoga class to students.

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300 hour


Foundational, Advanced, and In-Between

Yoga Teacher Training + Yoga Studies

Being a teacher is a lifelong learning endeavor full of plateaus, peaks, worries, invigorating connections, loneliness, inspiration, and mostly it is a profession that requires vulnerability.

During this course you will hone your teaching skills, your yoga knowledge will be plumped and pruned, and you will hopefully find a place in which your voice as a teacher is pertinent to what you choose to practice in life.

The curriculum will challenge as a teacher and as a practitioner. You will be asked to absorb the information and to teach it in a myriad of way, but mostly to be critical and considerate of the process rather than focused on a set out come. But certainly you will come out with a grand view of yoga as a tradition/ritual, as culture and religion, and as modern postural yoga.

We are teaming with some of the best instructors on the east coast. Our diligent staff of trainers are ready to work, laugh, and practice with you. 

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